About Tumaini

Protection and education for the vulnerable children of the DRC

Our Project

Since June 2018, we have worked simultaneously in Belgium and in the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to build up this Project. In Belgium, we are working on building a network across Europe and the United States in order to raise awareness about vulnerable and orphan children in the DRC. We hope to raise funding to support the launch of the orphanage and farm. In parallel, we are building up a network in Lubumbashi to work with local professionals and also offer activities for the children, such as outreach campaigns, football and other joy filled activities.

Accomplishments & Activities

  • Two advanced missions in Lubumbashi with networking and activities for the children

  • Project Design, Planning and Implementation training in Belgium

  • Building a solid network with other Christian organizations

  • Close collaboration with two local professionals

  • Awareness campaigns, project presentations, collection of photos, making videos, etc.